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By now everyone on the social internet has heard of the fires spreading across the Amazon. In a way, this growing awareness is good. There are deep and urgent problems that require our attention. Trouble is, #ActForTheAmazon is rooted in a deeply misinformed view of what’s happening, and most of our would-be advocacy is only serving as fuel for the fires.

To give a sense of the going narrative and where it’s gone wrong, we have this tweet from the President of France:

  1. That picture is a stock photo that’s at least 16 years old.
  2. The…

This is a case where showing is going to be far more effective than telling.

As it happens, I’ve spent the last three months or so studying Tesla coverage. While I have no special fascination with Musk or his companies, something I’d written back in July about Musk’s involvement with the Thai cave rescue ended up catching his attention and leading to a minor media furor, which in turn led me down a long and dark rabbit-hole of coverage analysis.

The outflow of this was an exhaustive 16,000 word sequel (including appendices), representing my best attempt to put the event…

How to decode what the voices in our head are really trying to tell us.

All images designed for this piece by Daniela Meyer.

It was a Friday night. After chatting online for weeks, we were set to meet for our first date the following morning. I decided to have a final talk about insecurities and expectations. She told me not to worry.

“When we meet, if that’s the thing that stands in the way of me being with someone I truly admire, who I feel more connected with than anyone before, who I feel most accepted by, who after only 16 days I feel I want to give…

Jeremy Arnold

I like context, nuance, and whatever the opposite of tribalism is.

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